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Eternity Ring - The Secret Meaning Behind

What Is an Eternity Ring?

You may have heard of a perfect bridal set. It symbolises three heartfelt values. An engagement ring speaks of a promise of a future marriage. A wedding band represents a commitment. The last element of this trio is an eternity ring. It's an elegant round band set with diamonds or other precious stones around it.

Traditionally, the husband presents an eternity ring to his wife to mark the tenth wedding anniversary. It is one of those rare symbols that represent genuine and lasting relationships. If a couple made it to the ten-year mark most likely, they have already been through the highs and lows of any human union. By that stage, they might have a couple of ankle-biters in tow, a mortgage, and a comprehensive mental list of not-to-do's to avoid triggering any crises. In other words, ten years is a big achievement, especially in this age of fleeting non-committal relationships.

Like any milestone, it deserves special recognition, and an eternity ring is a perfect symbol for it or any other milestone for you as a couple achieved together. Some ladies get an eternity ring to mark the birth of their first child, or the purchase of their first home together, or another major event in their married life.

Fitting and Sizing of an Eternity Ring

Strictly speaking, an eternity ring features diamonds set all around the ring, but for better fit and comfort, you might want to consider a setting that goes only 3/4 the length of the ring.

It's important to get the right size because eternity rings are pretty tricky and expensive to resize. Many little stones have to be set perfectly, and any movement in the band might create unnecessary tension or loosen up the setting. That is why we highly recommend trying the ring first before purchasing it.

On What Finger Do You Wear an Eternity Ring?

It's pretty unusual to see an eternity ring worn by itself because it is meant to complete your bridal set. So naturally, it goes on your ring finger along with your engagement ring and wedding band.

There is no specific order you put your bridal set on, as there is no predefined standard that dictates in which order the bridal set should be assembled. You will find plenty of examples where some ladies put the eternity ring first, following it by the engagement ring and then the wedding band. Others might do it in reverse; however, the engagement ring usually sits in the middle.

From the practical point of view, we would recommend putting the ring with a tighter fit last. This way, you will have extra peace knowing that your rings won't slip off your finger so easily when you go swimming or performing the latest rendition of ABBA.

Should I Get My Wife an Eternity Ring?

You'd be surprised how often that question is typed into Google's search bar each month. Our answer is it depends. If you have been together through thick and thin and you would like to pause and acknowledge that achievement in your relationships, then yes, absolutely. And it does not matter if you have been married for ten, fifteen or twenty years. What matters is that you have genuine and lasting relationships, so why not acknowledge it with a perfect gift?

And despite what jewellery catalogues tell you, the eternity ring does not have to break your budget. Instead of diamonds, you can get one designed with the Australian blue sapphires, for example. It will save you a few hundred dollars.

Do You Have to Be Married to Wear an Eternity Ring?

As far as we know, there is no written law that prohibits you from wearing any jewellery, but to be honest, an eternity ring tells a story of devotion and lasting marriage. If it is not the case for you yet, perhaps skip the eternity ring and get something more suitable, a dress ring, for example.

The beautiful thing about jewellery is that there are many unique and exciting ways to tell your own story. You don't have to lie.

Can Eternity Ring Be Used as an Engagement Ring?

As we mentioned above, there is no eternity ring police that would get you in trouble for doing so, but again, why would you do it if there are millions of other options for engagement ring designs, even if your budget at the moment is relatively modest.

An eternity ring symbolises genuine and lasting marriage, while an engagement ring is a symbol of a promise. They both play a role in telling a story, so be mindful of it when you are telling your own story.

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