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Our Creation Process

If you're interested in seeing the step-by-step process of how we create our beautiful jewellery, then keep on reading to see the creation of this bespoke opal pendant. Get an inside look at our craftsmanship and see how we bring each piece to life.

For the first stage of this piece our head jeweller Wayne Doyle has made the setting for the opal along with the bezels for the diamonds. Then we created a the outer shape that will be soldered to the opal and diamond setttings.

The setting have been made and the outer pieces are ready to trimmed and test fitted.

At stage Wayne is test fitting the Opal and the Side pieces.

All of the piece now fit together perfectly and Wayne moves on the next stage.

In the stage of the pendant Wayne is soldering the side pieces together after this the excess gold will be removed.

Another test fit is carried out this is one of hunderds of test fits that is required in the process of make this pendant.

In the previous picture you will notice that the bezels are setting lower then side pieces Wayne will now saw the bezel in to two piece.

Now that the Bezels are in two piece Wayne can solder smaller pieces of gold between the bezels and shape them to the desired look.

The bezel are completed and ready to be fitted.

At the stage Wayne will solder all the components together.

Now that the pendant is soldered together Wayne move onto make the cups that hold the pearl.

The pearl cups are now ready to be test fitted.

At this stage Wayne sets all the diamond in to the main part of the pendant.

Fast foward and another companten has been made and set with the white diamond the final step is to set the Argyle pink diamond.

The pink diamond set.

All the components are now ready to to be assemabled.

Only one step left and that is to set the Opal.

After more than 100 hours this masterpiece is completed.

The Final Product

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